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    2015 Township Priorities

    1. Community Center Needs
    2. Widen Schoenherr North of 23 Mile
    3. Fund Local Road Imoprovements
    4. Investigate New Revenue Sources
    5. Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance
    6. Reduce Operational Cost
    7. Stoney Creek Trail Bridge Replacement
    8. Implement Economic Development Initiative
    9. 23 Mile and Mound Roads Redevelopment
    10. Emergency Management Training

    2014 Township Priorities

    1. Reform Police and Fire Pension System
    2. Resolve Court Building Issue
    3. Redevelop Visteon
    4. Address Community Center Needs
    5. Address Library Building Needs
    6. Continue Sidewalk Maintenance
    7. Implement Economic Development Initiative
    8. Fight Neighborhood Blight
    9. Share Services with Other Communities
    10. Investigate New Revenue Sources (grants)

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    CIP (Plan) 2014-2015
    Capital Improvement Plan
    CIP (Plan) 2014
    Capital Improvement Plan

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