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    2021 Township Priorities

    1. Continue Blight Enforcement
    2. Redevelop Former Court, Library, Senior Center for Community Use
    3. Increase Sidewalk Connectivity
    4. Plan for Long-Term Financial Obligations
    5. Seek Grant Opportunities
    6. Improve Crosswalks Near Schools and Parks
    7. Widen Schoenherr Road North of 23 Mile Road
    8. Improve Park Safety
    9. Widen Hayes Road North of 23 Mile Road
    10. Revitalize Auburn Road Business District between Ryan and Dequindre roads

    2020 Township Priorities

    1. Redevelop former court, library, and senior center for community use
    2. Continue regional path system
    3. Continue blight enforcement
    4. Connect trail between River Bends and Gene Shepherd parks
    5. Increase 23 Mile Road capacity at M53 expressway
    6. Expand GIS system
    7. Widen Schoenherr Road north of 23 Mile Road
    8. Plan for long-term financial obligations
    9. Improve crosswalks near schools and parks
    10. Acquire campus property

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    FY 2014-2019

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